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About Eden Global Business School

What we do

Eden Global Business School, EGBS, the graduate school of Eden Global Business and Entrepreneurship College (EGBEC), is an IPMA-UK accredited and licensed Professional Institution committed to igniting and kick starting a knowledge management based, sustainable development of the nation through affordable world class innovative, creative and enterprising educational and training solutions.

In furtherance of this great and noble mandate, Eden Global Business School, has entered or in the process of entering into strategic alliances and partnership with the following national and global institutions for the purpose of accreditation, validation, certification and delivery of world class educational, training and certification solutions and course offerings

Organisational Structure

Eden Global Business and Entrepreneurship College is Structured around Schools and Centres, Professional Institutes, Academies, Independent Centres and Resource Centres to deliver her core education, training, specialist certificates, executive education and professional education solutions.

EGBEC moved to a new academic and professional structure in October, 2017.

It currently hosts the following world class academic and professional education and training institutions:

  • 12 Schools

  • 2 Professional Affiliations and Accreditation.

  • 3 University Affiliations and Accreditation

  • 2 Professional Institutions.

  • 2 Independent Colleges,

  • 1 Leadership Academy.

  • 5 Independent Centres, and

  • 3 Resource Centres.


  • Institute of Communications, Accounting and Marketing  (ICAM )
  • Institute of Open and Distance Learning  (IODL) 
  • Institute of Management and Business Administration  (IMBA).
  • Institute of Entrepreneurship and Project Management  (IEPM).
  • Institute of Marketing and Public Relations  (IMPR).
  • Institute of Information and Communications Technology  (IICT).
  • Institute of Management and Church Administration  (IMCA).
  • Institute of Specialist and Professional Certification  (ISPC).
  • Institute of Agribusiness and Export Management  (IAEM).
  • Institute of Economics and Human Capital Management  (IEHM).
  • Institute of Public Service and Development Management  (IPDM).
  • Institute of Logistics and Supply Chain Management  (ILSM).
  • Institute of Education Leadership and Management  (IELM).
  • Institute of Security Management and Operations  (ISMO).
  • Institute of Business Accounting and Financial Management  (IBFM).
  • Institute of Catering and Hotel Management  (ICHM).
  • Institute of Pharmaceutical and Public Health Management  (IPPM).
  • Institute of Youth and Entrepreneurship Development  (IYED) .
  • Institute of Executive and Professional Development  (IEPD).
  • Institute of Social and Community Development  (ISCD).
  • Mandela Institute of Leadership and Development  (MILD) 
  • Institute of Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR).
  • International Institute of Global Development  (IIGD).
  • International Institute of Revival and Management  (IIRM).

Our Team

Professor M.N. Oyewo

Professor M.N. Oyewo

Dr. Samuel Oloruntoba

Dr. Samuel Oloruntoba

Rev Tunji Adepoju

Rev Tunji Adepoju

Dr. Iyanda Olukunle

Dr. Iyanda Olukunle

Professor Israel Olaore

Professor Israel Olaore

Mrs Adun Akinyemiju

Mrs Adun Akinyemiju

Our Core Values

EGBS, as an accredited professional management development institution, is committed to empowering new and existing managers to take strategic and cost effective decisions and deliver excellent solutions in their respective organizations.

Therefore we internalise the following values enshrined in the acronym, EDEN GLOBAL:

  • E : Excellence
  • D : Development.
  • E : Entrepreneurship.
  • N : Networking.
  • G : Growth.
  • L : Leadership.
  • O : Opportunity.
  • B : Broad-Based.
  • A : Affordability.
  • L : Love.

Value Proposition

EGBS is a non-denominational institution where people of varying religious beliefs can work together as members of a professional and developmental community, subject to agreed principles including :

  • The behaviour of individuals is not mechanically determined and such individual potentials could only be achieved through excellent social interactions.
  • Private and Public sectors organisations being members of the larger society must be responsible to the society and  contribute to her sustainable development.
  • Private and Public sectors  organisations must respect the dignity of all the human persons with whom they relate in the discharge of their functions.

Business Concept

People are the wealth of a  nation; Eden Global Business and Entrepreneurship College, EGBEC is an IPMA-UK accredited Entrepreneurship,Business and ICT led human Capital Development Organisation located in Omole, Ikeja, Lagos State, specialising in delivering world class entrepreneurship, business, innovation, information and communication technology and manpower development solutions in public and private sectors for entrepreneurship revolution, economic development ,poverty alleviation, financial management and sustainable development.

EGBS is an IPMA-UK accredited and licensed International Professional Institution (IPI) committed to offering approved and accredited specialist education, training and certification programmes in global management and leadership to new and existing managers based on the Christian conception of the human person and of prevailing socio-economic cum political realities relevant to Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.

We are committed to being a world-class professional business school and management development institution which will have a significant impact on the theories, principles and practice of management, administration and leadership.

To achieve this, Eden Global Business School will always :

  • Provide new and existing managers with a professional management training, education and certification which stresses professional practice, ethics and sustainable development; adequate compensation of all factors of production, including the environment.
  • Have a positive impact on the professional and ethical standards of business management in Nigeria and Africa
  • Make professional and pragmatic contributions which:
    • strengthens the principles and practice of management; especially in the not for profit sector,
    • enhance the advancement of the management knowledge; and
    • raise a new generation of world class leaders and managers.
    • create world class teaching and training materials.
    • improve the methodology of delivery of management training and education.

The vision of Eden Global Business School, EGBS, is to be a foremost professional management education and training supermarket positioning new and existing managers for global impact.

Education is the incubator and processor of human capital, converting talents and potentials to wealth by creating tangible  and intangible goods and services.


Eden Global Business School is an IPMA-UK accredited and licensed Professional Institution committed to igniting and kick starting a knowledge management based, sustainable development of the nation through affordable world class innovative, creative and enterprising educational and training solutions.

Reach Us:

2/5 Akinsegun Street,
Off Charity Road, Oko-Oba, Agege, Lagos.

+2348023180793, +23408056568916, +2348027587535

info@edenglobal.sch.ng, edenglobal@universityofibadanconsult.ng

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